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From The President
You're invited to join the over 2800 other professionals including Teachers, Firefighters, Nurses, GWA workers, Stevedores, Engineers, Police Officers, Custodians, Bus drivers, Pharmacist and more, that make GFT the largest, most powerful and fastest growing union on Guam!

GFT's sole mission is to improve the quality of life for our members, their families and all the working families on Guam. As a member, you'll be a part of the only organization actively winning better salaries, better working conditions, better public schools and a better public structure for Guam.

GFT has been winning a better life for Guam's Public Servants and their families since 1965. What started out as a teachers union has now grown to include workers from every public agency. GovGuam workers are guaranteed the right to organize a union by the Public Employees Management Relations Act (PEMRA), and the administration of PEMRA is controlled by 2GAR.

Every public servant can be represented by the union, even law enforcement officer's: "Therefore, at this time, there is no prohibition against law enforcement officers from joining the GFT." Charles H. Troutman, Deputy Attorney General. Nov. 10, 2005 AG opinion

Organized members enjoy and rely on the protection of their collective bargaining agreements. They are treated fairly and with dignity and respect, which is enforced not only through the courts and the grievance process but through the power of the 2500 union brothers and sisters that call GFT their union.

Do something good for yourself, your family and your island by joining GFT today.

Do you have questions? Call GFT today at 671 735 4390.

Timothy Fedenko
GFT, Guam's Local Union
AFT Local 1581, AFL-CIO